Thursday, February 19, 2009

Girls Best Friend

Back in September we got a dog, Mokie. He has been a really good dog. Easy to potty train, great with the girls, and just an overall mellow dog which is quite remarkable considering the poor thing gets picked up by his head, sat on, pulled by his tail and ears, dressed like a doll, and he has never even nipped at the girls. Well lately I think he is even cuter. Every night when we put Lexie to bed he goes and jumps up on to her bed and curls up right into her chest and sleeps there with her all night long. It is seriously like he is watching over her and protecting her. Mokie has definitely chosen Lex as his "person". It is so precious. Lexie loves her dog and he definitely loves her too!

25? Am I really??

I can't believe that I turned 25 today. I can't believe how fast the last 10 years of my life have gone. It seems like yesterday that Becky and I were sitting at the Bus stop thinking "Can you believe a year from today I'll be driving" It makes me sad to see how fast time is passing by. I can't believe how fast my kids are growing up. I guess I am just taking a second to reflect on how blessed I am. It is so weird to take Lexie to preschool and dance, because I swear it was not that long ago my mom was doing the same for me. I still sometimes feel like I am 19 years old doing all of this stuff! It is such a wonderful time in my life. I have so much to be grateful for!

Valentines Day...Cheer Competition

I know a lot of you out there especially the ladies love Valentines day. That is great. I on the other hand hate it. I don't know exactly why, maybe its because all of your favorite restaurants are ten times more crowded that night, or because the cost of roses goes up by $30, or because its a night where your husband is being forced to be extra nice and romantic. I think its a combination of it all. I guess I would rather my husband pick a random Tuesday night and make romantic plans and get me a gushy card and be extra sweet. I just think that would mean more to me than him doing it on a day that the calendar tells him he has to. So I guess either of us weren't too sad when I was out of town for the 14Th this year. I was up in Pocatello, ID at a cheer competition. I choreographed a routine for Preston High School this year and went up to there Regional comp. They did so well! They swept the whole competition taking first in all 3 categories. I am so proud of these girls and can't wait to go to Boise next month for state comp!