Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What a summer!!!!

So... We all know by now that I absolutely suck at keeping up our blog! So I have included about three months of events into this one post. Hold on its a long one!

Anyone that knows me, knows my love for Bear Lake. It is a place where my whole family goes just about every weekend. It has been this way ever since I can remember. It is so fun to watch my kids love it the same way that I do. They have so many friends up there and they can run loose, away from busy roads, and all of the things moms have to worry about on a day to day basis. They run free for hours! Boy do they love it!

Some of the fun we have at the Lake.

Kenzie and her fashionable floppy hat!

Every mother knows that when its hot there is only one thing that makes it bearable for the kids. WATER! I swear we have hit up every swimming pool in Davis county this summer. On occasion we even choose to go to the fountains at Gateway. Free entertainment, also means VERY crowded!

My kids Love this park up in Layton. We call it the Duck Park. It doesn't matter how many loafs of bread we take. We ALWAYS need more! I was just thinking... I think we need to call it Seagull park, notice the lack of ducks.

Throwing bread to the seagulls

Funny pic of our cute dog Mokie. He is such a good sport. Always up for whatever the girls want him to do.

Cheer Camp. WOW, was this a busy week. I was away from my family for 5 days. My sweet husband made it all work for me so I could go and do what I needed to do for the cheerleaders. Becky and I are figuring out that coaching is an even bigger commitment than Cheering. We had a great time though and had some awesome choreographers and teachers. Gev from so you think you can dance came and boy was it fun watching him teach the girls!!

Our Second trip to Moab! We just can't stay away. We Love it down there. If you can tell from the pics we are getting a little crazier every time we go. These machines are absolutely incredible. I never ever imagined they could go up and down the things we push them to do. Don't worry we take our girls out for the real dangerous stuff.

Nicole driving down the "Elevator" on Hells Revenge trail. I was peeing my pants.

Kasey on the middle dip of the Elevator

Our little family on the red cliffs of Moab

Our whole group of friends we went down with. What a blast. I can't believe with all of these people and all of the kids we had (16 kids) not one person got hurt! We can't wait to go again. Thanks for the fun times guys!

Ready to go, it is so nice to just buckle them in the car seats in the back seat. This way we know they are safe and don't have to worry too much. They LOVE the rides and are so nice!

Lexie and her BFF Ali. Don't they look cute in their shades?

Lexie Graduated from her first year of preschool! YEAH! She love her teacher and had so much fun. She was only two when she started. So she went a year early. She did so well and was on the same level as most of the three and four year olds! We are so proud of you Lex!
Lex with mom and dad!

Lexie with her diploma!

Performing all of her graduation songs

Lexie's May dance recital. This was the end of year recital at the end of May. Dance Impressions does such a great job. Lexie LOVES dance and may even be on the four year old competition team next year. I know she would love it, Mommy just isn't sure if I am ready for it!

Lexie and her cousin Tayler both in their fluffy pinkness!

I can't believe how fast they grow. I swear she thinks she is 10!

I can't believe that it is already mid July, I think about the summer ending and I seriously could cry. I don't know how I am going to make it through a cold and snow Utah winter. ggrrrr. I hate the thought. I guess I will just keep enjoying the sun while it lasts!
Happy summer!