Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm a big 3 year old!!

Lexie turned 3! Boy does she think she is big now! I swear she grew up overnight. She has this huge obsession with Hello Kitty, so naturally that was also the theme for her birthday party. It is always a tradition at our house to decorate a birthday breakfast chair for the birthday girl. So when she woke up she came down to her Hello Kitty "chair". Along with the Hello Kitty theme we needed a Hello Kitty cake. I really don't like bakery cakes, I don't think they taste great, and I really don't like the frosting. So I told Lex i would make her a Hello Kitty cake. I thought that finding one of those cake molds for Hello Kitty would be a breeze, I have seen them for Dora, and all the princesses so no problem right? Wrong. I looked all over the Internet and every store in the Wasatch front. No Hello Kitty! So, i did what every mother would do and came up with a second plan to make a Hello Kitty cake. I made one up for her. It didn't turn out great, but hey after staying up till midnight coming up with a solution it worked for me. I showed her the cake the morning of her Birthday and It was worth every second of the 4 hour ordeal to see her face light up to the sight of her Hello Kitty cake. Then for her birthday all she wanted was for her mimi to take her to Preschool, so mimi came with balloons and cookies for her to take to preschool. For her party I tried to talk her into a million different places to go, but her little heart was stuck on Kangaroo Zoo. WOW, I think the adults had as much fun as the kids. After we went to Texas Roadhouse, her favorite restaurant so she could "saddle up" for her birthday! All the presents of course had to follow the Hello Kitty theme! She had a great time, and it was worth it all to see her so happy! The things we do for our kids! Thanks to everyone that came and made the special trip down for her!

The Aquarium

My kids and I have totally been getting cabin fever, so I jumped online to see if there was something fun to do on a random day. I found the Living Planet Aquarium. If you haven't taken your kids there you need to. It was a really fun day. It was pretty inexpensive and took 1-2 hours to go through. My girls had a good time. Then we found the shark tank. Lexie was not having fun anymore. I had to keep expalining to her that they couldn't get her because of the glass, but she didn't believe me. Everytime one came swimming by the glass she let out the "Lexie shriek" which those of you who know her know exactly what I am talking about. We had a great time and will go back again, when we need a day out!