Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First day of Preschool!

It makes me so sad to see my little girls off to school! I have seriously spent weeks talking Kenzie into wanting to go and telling her how much fun she is going to have! When we take her to Nursery she usually cries for a couple of minutes until she will settle down and play. I thought that preschool would probably be about the same routine, and I would just have to leave the teacher with my screaming child. Wait outside the door to see if she calms downa and leave feeling guilty. Well, my pep talks must have been really good. She got there and hardly looked back when I said goodbye. I would think the kid could at least pretend to care that I was leaving. I thought this is what I wanted, but instead of leaving feeling guilty I left feeling like crap. My kids could care less if I was there or not!! What the heck!! The teacher said they did really good, but said Kenzie's attention span was a little short. Can't say I didn't warn her!! For anyone that knows Kenzie, I am sure you are laughing right now. It sure is a change to have a couple of hours to myself during the day. I certainly don't mind that!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Going Private!

After many months of trying to talk him out of it Kasey wants us to go private. I guess he wins this battle! If you want an invite to our blog let me know! You know the drill, leave your name and email and I will send you an invite!