Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Fav Fireman!

My darling brother Chad is a fireman and EMT at Farmington City. His station had a big open house and all the kids got to come over and see the life flight helicopter, amulances, and fire trucks. It was so cool. They had a room simulated with smoke and taught the kids how to get down and crawl. It was so fun to have my brother teaching my kids all of this stuff! My kids had so much fun seeing what uncle Chaddy does at work! Thanks bud! It was a fun night!!
Chad My brother the fireman! (Yes, he is single for all you ladies out there!)


Brooke Zes said...

i didn't know chad was a firefighter, how cool!! I bet your girls loved going to the station. sure had fun seeing you and your fam the other night

Sarah said...

Holy crap! Could Chad be any cuter?!? I don't think I have seen him since he was like 5.