Thursday, January 22, 2009

Let's sell our house!?!?

So the other night my mom was talking to Kasey and I and out of the blue we all started talking about selling our house, so what the heck! We are selling our house! So if anyone knows of anyone that is looking for a house let me know! It is listed on KSL and Its a great little house and we have done a lot of updating to it. I think we want to go to Farmington/Centerville area so if anyone knows anyone selling a home around there let me know It is just under 2000 Sq ft. 4 bedrooms 3 bath.

Chaddy's Home!

My younger brother Chad just got home from his mission to Mexico! It was so exciting going to the airport to get him, we all had butterflies in our stomach. We saw him coming down the escalator and it was just a crazy moment. Filled with so many different emotions. It was so fun to watch him so my girls that he hasn't seen for so long and that obviously had changes so much over 6 months! We are so proud of him and so glad to have him home!

New Glasses

I can't believe it! We went to the doctor last week for our 6 month check ups for both of my girls, I was really hoping to hear that Kenzie's eyes had not changed and Lexie's eyes were getting better. Well, I didn't hear either of those two things. The Doctor told me that Lexie's eyes were unchanged and Kenzie now needs glasses! I never thought that I would have to worry about my kids vision. Mostly because Kasey and I both see 20/20. But then again they were both premature and that can be a cause of it. So now I have two of the cutest little girls ever in glasses! I know it is going to be a struggle to keep them on Kenz. She is a little more active than Lexie and still is not to the point were reasoning is real effective. Anyway she looks darling and we will do our best to not break them or lose them in this first week!

Monday, January 12, 2009

1st Dance Recital

Lex had her first dance recital for Christmas this year. It was so cute. Seeing how little she looked up on that big stage was so crazy. She did a darling dance to the song "I got the Chicken Pox for Christmas" and that is the only song I have heard around my house ever since. She looked so dang cute and did so good!
All Of these girls are her age, I sure hope she grows one day! She is so little!

Disneyland and Christmas

For Christmas this year Santa brought an early present to the girls, a trip to Disneyland!! We had to much fun and I think the kids enjoyed themselves too! :) Seriously, seeing it through your kids eyes is so much fun. When we got on the airplane to come home my girls still had their princess dresses and crown on, and I found myself trying not to cry as they fell asleep in my arms thinking, they really think they are true princesses. How many days in a little girls lives do they really get to think that. It was so much fun. I can't wait to take them again next year!
Kasey thought he still had to do a little work while we were on vacation so I sent Pooh Bear and Rafiki the monkey over to get him off the phone! Thats what he gets for being on the phone at Disneyland!

After we got home Christmas day was just around the corner. Santa made another stop at Mimi and Papas house and brought the girls the cutest pink Mustang ever! Hailey and Tay-Tay got the same car and boy did they love them! Christmas was a blast and we had a wonderful experience doing a sub for Santa. The family was so grateful and even joined us on Christmas eve at my grandmas house. It was a wonderful Christmas even though we missed my brother Chad who is serving a mission in Mexico.

So I finally did it. I created a blog. I couldn't resist after at least 10 people in one week told me that I needed a blog. So... here we are. Now I just need to figure out what I am doing!!